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dered in; nnection with at least twice its value in

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end of it, the commissioners were unanimous in declar-

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■afflicted with cardiac disease should never go to sleep immediately after

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are calling for nearly 1 .4 trillion dollars in cuts over the next seven years, of which 353

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The capillary loops have become obliterated and matted together. At B is

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ing fatal peritonitis. Vomiting is a common symptom of permanent

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The following table from v. Noorden* summarizes a few of

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ised, with the contributions of Dr. Goadby, to succeed ; jealousy,

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Er3rtliema Multiforme may manifest itself as a macular

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sion of the modern theories and opinions on the origin of pus, such

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venous trunks, the vena porta,f the inferior and superior cava, the jugular, &c.,

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bility to asphyxia in bad catarrhal fevers ;) And we might farther

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very slight. In one case, on removing the tube, I found

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of ointment seems to irritate many cases. It has been my custom to

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nator longus and the two extensors of the wrist, externally — I would draw the

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extremely slight. The delivery did not take a long time. Judg-

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of bone were separated by means of hammer and chisel, and remained in connec-

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and, above all, that such a remark as (" there betng no dis-

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Divide into four pills. Two to be taken at bed time, and

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dissolved in a pint of water. No serious symptoms occurred through

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Tfmperature. Cases illustrating the Pathological Anatomy of Tetanus. Blood-vessels of

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the hospital he was examined by Drs. Billings, Senn, Rhodes.

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and no air gets into the tympanum,, none can escape through

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Honorary Surgeon to Newcastle Hospital, New South Wales ■

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furfuraceous (pityriasis tabescentium) . The sebaceous as well as the

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if found qualified, should be duly certified by the professor,

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Dixon's line. On the other hand, malaria is appearing in

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per cent. In 575 cases of excision of the shoulder-

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weary lives. All the great books on the affection by

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cent of whom were in favour of quinine prophylaxis.

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gots, flies, roaches, and bedbugs. So accustomed had

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from it a chronic disease of the joints that, although

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course of the superior vesical artery. We have found

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vidual character, without reference to their relation to the uter-

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be chiefly the contraction or dilatation of vessels, and the arrest of the pulsatile movensents

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11 ( /hlorosis occurs principally in female youth ; but frequent-

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He says he has been able to read ordinary newspaper

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in which contusion, if it exists at all. is so inconsiderable and

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number of hours each day, and these applications were continued

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kept in open air and fed six eggs and one quart of milk daily: he gains weight

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endothelium. The inflammatory lesions of the valves of the heart are most

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— the leg as much bent on the thigh The whole limb was carried out-