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or amorphous, gray powder, almost insoluble in water, and
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were unable to stand. Other writers do not confirm this observation.
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a day. February 10$.. -The tube was removed. The voice returned, although i1 re-
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The wound had then been closed ; it had healed rapidly and re-
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The internal substance is white, called the medullary. The
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Entringer, Albert Joseph, a, w, sp, Dubuque, Iowa. A.B. (Columbia C.) '26.
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damaged or inflamed. It should be undertaken as soon as it
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life of the chiid. I candidly believe that the early
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from the 2] ounces of rum their comrades had, as in the condition
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Peritonitis, or acute inflammation of the coats of the abdominal
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In children there may be an acute arthritis without
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times be seen upon the face, especially on the forehead where slight
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is made into the enlarged bursa, the contents evacuated, and pressure applied.
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sources concerning this very frequent complication of
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If such an authority as Metchnikoff believes that the
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induced by free perspiration is limited, there is an overheating of the
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may require continued investigation, involving microscopical and chemical
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The umbilical opening was large, circular in form, and
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vhicfa, originating in tlie Delta of the Ganges in the year 1817, soon
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the physiognomical expression of injuries— witness the aeries
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The stomach opens into tbe cesophagns at one end and into the
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analysis of tweuty-four cases of enteric fever iu children.
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" In 1912 J. G. Thomson and McLellan confirmed Bass's observa-
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Whatever is calculated to impair the healthy tone of the system, may lay
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of tracheotomy at Guy's Hospital, performed during a
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Hood, J. Sidney, Kings Mountain, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1907 1907 1910
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Ploetz, a. (1913). Xco-Malthusianisnius und Rassenhygiene. Arch. f. Rassen- u.
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died, I ruptured externally, and i through the lung.
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directs a question to Dr. Michael Miller, professor of biochemistry at WVU,
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are likely also to prevent the consumption of fat, and it is well known
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written by Urs. Brown and Saunders, we find the following definition of
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present case, is due rather to a thrombosis of the arteria fossse
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Case 63. — A woman, aged 45, entered the hospital Nov. 24, 1915. A diagnosis
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respiratory and cardiac centres contained in the medulla.