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Similarities and dissimilarities of Psychiatry to other

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from the hilus usually gets well. In the series he pre-

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22. M. H. Romberg and E. Henoch: Klin. Wahmeraungen

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them in situations where they are constantly surrounded by

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bronchopneumonia • bronchiectasis • tracheobronchitis • and food poisoning.

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mortality from surgical correction of inguinal her-

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The following doctors will occupy places on the pro-

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Gm. tablet (l (/2 grains or I U.S.P. unit), which is

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Eugene P. Pendergrass, professor of radiology at the

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sustained loss and up to seven eighths of the neces-

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activity. We must meet the market rates for salaries

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N-phenyl-glycineamide-p-arsonic acid. J. Exp. Med. 30:411,

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3. Brown, Lawrason : A Study of 503 Cases of Pulmonary

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neoplasms, arteriosclerosis, etc., and investigation

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Medical Practice, Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins Co., 1951, p. 587.

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• The feeling of well-being engendered by Rauwiloid may

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in November in Atlantic City, New Jersey . . . Drs.

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attention to resolutions being prepared for the an-

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Dr. Wood, of Philadelphia, moved to refer the nomination of

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vald* in the offspring of patients suffering from pro-

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longed course with various diagnoses and no improve-

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figures attached to the names represent the number of times

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ratio were to continue downward for a few years, the

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keep a proper register of all the registered physicians ^

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on the left side of her throat which had a red granular

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horn of the uterus, with evidence of mechanical obstruc-

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In May, 1853, she came under my car^ ; at that time her menses were

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his wife. He ate five or six, in which he perceived a bitter taste, which

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dieir attention more particularly to one or few of the subjects embraced

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womb remains uncontracted. It is my opinion that the tam-

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Springfield offices located at 526 East Capitol Avenue,

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distributed to individual members. A uniform county

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No person, however, could live that time in a vapor-bath of that heat.

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* Rule 19 of “Rules and Procedure Relative to Medical

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Mechanism and Principles of Treatment. Official Bulletin, Chi-

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medical societies’ members being first subscribers.

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bending forr^ard, as under the magic lute of Orpheus, to catch

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departments of health, to the University of Buffalo,

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after the sixtieth day. For considerable periods of time,

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was close to the heart and caused her to worry over

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