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behind the pyramids as the most anterior layer of the an-
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generative organs, the variations under nervous excitation of the circulation and secretions
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enemata ma^' prove more satisfactory. In the study of the plates care
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water, was distinctly visible, although the land intervened.
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" A Dr. Hill tells the following anecdote of Sterne, in the ' Royal
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it was fed the culture and died the following day. No lesions, other
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body on the causation, prevention and cure of diseases.
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of Pfeiti'er. The toxic substance so obtained is labile, being destroyed
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responsibility. The WMJ is indexed in Index Medicus, Hospital Literature Index and Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.
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lirace that detail s<j essential to a thorough ex|}osition
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demonstrate that it is a purely chemical substratum substance which
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struction of the nation. We look for thy sun to rise ere
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lower temperatures. We shall see later on that the con-
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Francis Hawkins, M.D., Registrar of the Medical Council,
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For several months past, our city, and so far as we can learn
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circolation, and its pressure upon neighboring organs, the aneurism
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may also occur in brain tumor, and disappear if the pressure is relieved, as by
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ing art, which has been brought to light during the past year,
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that of Dr Allbutt, he attributed to this cause a number of other symptoms.
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less than two hours. Its price is five dollars. It does not lack
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In four days the pain had ceased, no concomitant signs
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myocardial or cerebral evidences of arteriosclerosis.
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most resistant to the infection, and as a rule suffer from the quartan
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left ventricle does not fail no more will this septum ; hence,
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and the puffing up of the abdomen is usually moderate as peritonitis
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well brought out by this one, that good care and careful
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spec. pt., 1487-1507. — Kliraltiiski (V. A.) K voprosu o
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Sims have been suggested and tried, but they are not based on
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the uterus in all cases that the surgeon who sutures the intestine,
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tack, the surgeon finds the patient usually exhausted
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was ever adopted, and that illustrious patient experienced so
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The testimony of Mr. George O. Barnes as to Morton's apparent ignorance of
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the hand. In twin cases, if the cord is firmly tied, I have in-
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converted in the same way into the levo form by Linossier. By the
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examined it was tliat tlie growtli was an epithelioma.
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short of that point. In two or three cases the suspension of