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should be thrown in with sullicient force, and the in-

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pay them divers attentions, and after giving them an idea that they

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used instead of sutures, they are to be removed at the end of twenty-

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he used often to vomit. The vomiting attacks came on at intervals

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better than one. It is not necessary to jade a colt, but keep

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similar to malaria fever, which, if neglected, may and fre-

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Suppose these means do not answer; then get the history of the case,

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in surroundings that had scarcely bettered, hygienically speaking,

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captains of cavalry after five years' service. . . .

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the aorta of a bullock, he was much gratified in being able to verify his

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The Lettsomian Lectures on the Treatment of some of the Forms of

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Carcinoma. They occur on or near the surface. One of the masses

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when the sufferings of the patient demand the adoption of some

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richness of gravy ; but first soak them well, and scour them

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not contain one or more persons suffering from disease.

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or interfere with particular veins, tubes, or nerves. There occur

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each other, and followed, twenty-four hours afterwards, by a simple warm

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of the conditions mentioned may develop. The responsible

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attendants. The second is to use proper disinfectants about the

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single instance of fermentation, or of crystaliixation, when, after making, the

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had proved obstinate under other treatment. The dose is, of the liquid

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On May 15, she had a sore throat — not diphtheritic — and was

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of a quart of pus through the pouting umbilicus. The last

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from solid cultures, will represent the usual doses with which the first test of

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too voluminous for the shelves and the purse of those who have not

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cles of diet which are particularly useful in produc-

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ter secreted in gonorrhoea and in syphilis have no relation to each other, we

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grifulvin v and alcohol

titioners have generally adopted the method of Bret-

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apart in the rows, the seed was cut leaving from one to four