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their skins ; paper burnt, supposed to be an ancient or vegetable
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Bassignot, Etude sur la fievre endemo-epidemique qui regne a la Reunion. Arch. d.
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of 15 fatal cases. On the other hand, Bartlett says that it is quite a
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the cone from the patient's face. Of course, if you remove it, and
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WiEGER, a pupil of Recklinghausen's, in Virchow's Archiv (vol. Ixxviii., part
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of moral sense, somnambulism and night terrors, and a tendency to
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the wound. No pain was felt from the needle-punctures,
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beginning of the attack and lasts a day or two is probably due to the
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The only other published study comparing allopathic and
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principle proclaimed by him, and since termed the Wal-
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murmur of a venous origin, which is more or less musical in tone, and has
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symptoms with the exception of the abdominal pains, which not
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tention to go at once out to India with his bride. His marriage
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however, but little altered. At a later examination a murmun
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the second stage of the disease is to maintain the constitutional strength.
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where all trace of the articulation has been lost, and the opposing
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typhoid state, have so many symptoms in common with typhoid fever
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blood reduced nearly one-half. Quincke estimated the specific gravity in one
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he expressed himself, gained his action in > Boucher replied to this, that it was not his
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but for the purposes of these notes I propose simplifying them to :
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public schools of Wisconsin. The committee of the associ-
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tury no less than four publications of some pretension have appeared on
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were executed, precludes the necessity of any testimony re-
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perspire freely ; if we apply a turpentine stupe or a
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the strength which remains, or recruit it by cordials. Opiates
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for one year the total income was $10,- of our butter is from the local creameries
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pal facts deduced from these cases have already been
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As the higher limit of 1,500 grams a day was being approached,
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and their subsequent coalescence. In this form weeks or months may
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the muddy ponds were bellowing in croaking cadences,
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sue and the proneuess to tree bleeding upon several theories advanced, but none <.t them
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pulse very quick. Has no headache, but complains much of agonising
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and these are carried into the inhalation rooms. The oxygen permits
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stage the patient was threatened with asphyxia, as the
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Pathological Report. — The folloAving extracts from the autopsy protocol
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the performance of her duties. In Lakeside Hospital two or-
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over or not yet begun, diaphoresis is induced by hot
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We admit the accused, as far as the possession of intellectual
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If these essential points are carefully followed, the operator
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