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Pasteur's Vaccination. — The authorities of Lower

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the little one's teeth, though, and how soon the dentist is called in !

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At the end of the colonial period, although medical care

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sumption at a very much higher rate than younger members of a

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nearly two hundred important surgical operations were per-

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not to wait for the result of a culture, knowing that each hour of delay

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whence they could be sent home by hospital ship as ordinary patients.

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lie down in my bed, but must sit perfectly still in my chair, lor

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Attacks of intense pains may have to be relieved by pro-

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sherris warms it, and makes it course from the inwards to the parts

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Membership, Executive, and Unification/Deunification Committees and

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kindly given me some figures upon this point, from the records of the

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new papules and nodules at the growing margin and in the healthy

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number of infected circulating corpuscles is, as a rule,

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with the physiological fact of the auricular contractioB

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GWYN, M. K., Assistant Surgeon — Directed to report to Chairman of Examining Board at

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" We have rendered the vessels visible by injecting, at the sug-

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a similar lack of understanding will be found. Take, for

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literature, but we would call attention to an able summary of it by Stroebe,

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feed the pigeons from their own mouths with a mixture of millet and vetch

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manoeuvred for a long time without causing the opacity to dis-

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symptoms are about the same. Continue the powders and pursue the other

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ing the catheter upwards from the tracheotomy wound until

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later corneous stage has a gray, raised, irregular, horny surface, which

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meeting some of the dangers which menace the success

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merely as insufficient per se, or as partial truth, but as absurd,

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use, but, after having practiced the art of obstetricy for nearly

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little has been accomplished in this direction. Gushing limits graft-

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DOSE— One or two tablets in a glass of water, three or four times daily.

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Bientioned. Exploration with the finger alone can, at most, decide

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Dr. Prout, announced to read a paper on " Aural Syringes," made a few extem-

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sisting of the epidermis which has been raised up and of coagulated

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toms of a common cold, often, however, in an aggravated

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those of earlier growth upon the inferior portion of the limb. Those above