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is probable that the healthy liver also converts sugar itself into glycogen,

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versity of Pennsylvania, and Physician to the Hospital of the University etc; Ninth Edition;

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and almost covered by the pillars, as depicted by Sisson/^ was

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any community of cause between the two affections. Whilst granting that

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of chronic mastitis, except in young women under 28, as a poten-

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January 1. All dressings dispensed with from this date. The power

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Mr. Jameson was called to render his services to the sufferers. On arrival he

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The characteristic symptoms of bilious fever are a quick,

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the lateral ventricle. There was slight softening of the poste-

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coincidence? In other words, is the cause of the paralysis peripheral or

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forms, the first fusiform, the second as if a cord had been

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and in the salivary glands ; the diagnosis of the disease in doubtful cases ; the

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for palliative measures. With regard to the use of opium to relieve pain,

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AcKLiN, Murray, hospital steward, now at IT. S. General Hospital,

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drunk and drowned in a gutter ; while, on the other hand, the whims

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Case 4. — Lily J., set. 3 years. The parents are not blood

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Cincin. M. J., 1890, v, 109-114. Also: Memphis J. M. Sc.,

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Westminster Abbey ; and Count Aurelio Saffi, Triumvir of Eome,

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Retention of urine is fairly common, and it is therefore necessary to watch

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Except from August first to October first, in fever and ague localities, a chamber"

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inoculation of virus, giving its low mortality and the produc-

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ther to the hospital, arriving there four hours after having been

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the terminal stage they are, in the majority of cases, to

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the consultant was to give gr. d. of iodide of potassium

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as will correct the impression formed by their conduct at the trial of

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tion and also those of us who are its representatives in this particu-

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of the cranial contents, because fracture is not always

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the patient, as well as tend to aggravate the diseased condition

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with my fingers on the pulse, which was beating with a