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In watching the<e natural stages of anaesthesia by the

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them during the use of mercury, nor am I aware of any perma-

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of age he was struck on the head with a stone. Syphilis denied; wife had five

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Poland argued against a primary central lesion (or an ascending peripheral

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What seemed to us the worst faults are those of the system;

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sensation when present is most marked at the periphery of the limb, and

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and that the science of physical diagnosis has been greatly in-

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M. J., Lond., 1894, ii, 585.— de I>apor8onne (F.) & Fa-

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than the other, but I do not find that my notes record which it

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really one to see a perfectly healthy man suffering from true epilepti-

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Third edition, revised and enlarged. Crown octavo, 192 pages. Inter-

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It is evidently a somewhat dangerous complication, but it has not quite

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definite relation between the degree of deformity and the

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cauterization with the electric wire will be sufficient to contract the

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skin. The skin contained sebaceous and sweat glands

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promptly disappeared. In this case there was no cystitis or local inflam-

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A Specimen of Diptherltlc Membrane — By Samuel W. Kelley, M. D~ 23

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of anxiety, the prolabia and face are pale, or frequently livid, and lividity

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New York State Medical Society, he writes about it as follows :

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can keep the sight of blood and blood stained towels, cloths and clothing

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in place by a T bandage. Cloths wet with cold water, are laid over the*

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that a misplaced testicle is more often the seat of malignant disease

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She "loses her voice" altogether, and after the inflam-

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vitalized should be excised. Rough handling of the parts can not

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pregnancy, that the injection of morphia into the amni-

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Figs. 71-77.— Flagellated Bodies (^ Leitz immersion).

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upon the cerebro-spinal nervous system. It might be objected, however, that in each

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Age. — This plays an important role. For the first two years of life

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much milder, and answers the purpose in the majority of cases.

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