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than if the stone were in the substance of the organ.

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found to be 3.89; in the ox 2.30, and in the sheep only 2.00. It was

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be taken into the lungs, but a considerable quantity of mucus, etc., will

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gently over the stump and the uterus is dressed with dry lint and gauze, an

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exerting a strain in opposition to that of the hinge, the piece is held in position. The effect of this is to give increased

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both before and after removal from the body. The containing

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you, which is very essential even in small children ; and further, you

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any one that certain phenomena have had place after the use of the earth as a

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examination permits us to eliminate this hypothesis. The muco-pus of the

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burrowed in the skin like those of man, thus proving the little

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gical interference ; in four there was slight fever

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assistance with forceps was necessary. Again, there may be good forcible pains,

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He reckoned the loss to the city during the past year at

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America was by women to produce abortion. The first official

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so as to constitute both ovarian and tubal pregnancy at the same

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warm in summer. The Superintendent is most anxious to co-operate

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which during the past fifty years has been one of continuous

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take an enlightened view of the situation, were blocked by

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following with the saddle classes in the afternoon and finish-

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salts confirms our view that the salts combine with the gelatin, form-

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the most valuable remedies are poisons, and as the serpent

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Oompirative statement of oases of contagious diseases

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had become plainly visible where they could previously be

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the information accompanying her being to the effect

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fit " in hereditary cerebellar defect as well as in acoustic fibromata.

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every department of biolog)'. The researches on immunity, which to some

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quently than in adults, the proportion being nearly

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ties of water are not obviated by the addition of wine or

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comitant administration or cephalosporins and aminogly- |


in the temperature of the two sides of the body, so marked sometimes as

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afterwards cut off transversely, and forty-eight hours

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tion, weighing 13% pounds at six months. The claim has been made

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children are undergoing the same treatment for the same disease.

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40.3 C. (104. 5 F.) in the axilla, he staggered in his gait, and

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a stout bandage around the forehead. He at first attributed these headaches

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deficient in hair ; and although it now more resembles an en-

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regarded as identical with starch, while that of fat is about

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Charleston, Orleans (1806), 1204 — Hinman, C. S., (East).

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