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after, either by virtue of the powers now vested in them, or any of them, or by
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tacks' of all kinds; and, living to adult age, furnish
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injection of the vaccine. In another case the first two injections of
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doctors bring the babies and that they find them already strung up by the
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been called white softening. As already stated in connection with cere-
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total body potassium. The treatment of potassium depletion, particularly in the presence of cardiac
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where, and it is then advisable to stop the treatment and try to
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Tf nil muscular power, so that the weapon could not be carried forward to the
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was no more Richard Muleaster than he might have been some other char-
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hair, enlargement of the thyroid gland, arthropathies,
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relieves pressure by puncturing the ventrile; while Bunge
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tional and structural disorders, or better, between medical and
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render anastomosis with the gall-bladder easy, and in palliation of malignant
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should be then made to pass close to the examiner at full speed,
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once in the place of election. In that case the diffi-
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climate. It has been during the nineteenth century fairly common in Northern
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By Lewis C. Bruce, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed., Superintendent of
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by the ascent of disease from the dorsal cord, and its affection gives an
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Tin- most remarkable case I ever saw of lymphatic disease, is one
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asserted the theory of a contagium vivum and who brought order
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rank of captain (capitan 1°). There is in Mexico a
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the human race, either treating the topic in its broadest scope as
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abdomen locally ; only demulcent drinks and liquids by mouth ;
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vaginismus, imperforate hymen, or any painful disease of
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and Swallowfield, Berkshire, to Laura Sarah, daughter of William
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two years have elapsed, and in some nearly ten years; at
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bicarbonate to normal and no more, yet it has not been demonstrated
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Blood examination: (1) Large pigmented parasites, almost the size
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of surveillance and rigor that absolute non-intercouise
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terrupter technique to measure airway resistance in patients
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almost every gynecological text-book, the evidence on
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are not called into action. For instance, without light there is no
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wide, and full of purulent fluid ; it sprang from the
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or neighbors applying for the job or referring applicants
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lack of penetrating power, and are audible over a curi- '
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Dr. Tyson owes much. After the expiration of the internship
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TTie names of those Members who are exempt from taxation by age, are in italics; the
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Corrigan, Professor Christison, Dr. Acland, and Dr. Quain.
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complaint heard on this score. Yet, it is necesary to carefully consider
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disaster. To the surgeon, who is permitted to operate
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bacteria, hanging drops, staining of bacteria, exam-
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Kom., Genfeve, 1880, vi, 42-51 .—Hirscli (C.) Cysticercus
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ing an active process. The method of fixation of the