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scarcely feel at all. On the legs he could feel fairly : but much better

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confinement (the fourth). He found her in the same condition

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Dr. West, closing the discussion: One word in closing. I had

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dometritis. Patient admitted to hospital March 2, 1902.

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and not by the enemy. Some of these we rather dimly perceive, others

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the remarkable case of the great statesman, Daniel Webster, in whom a

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cination Question, in its legal, public, and profes-

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it. They were usually brought in late in the afternoon, and, of course, some

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1718. This disease cannot well be mistaken for any other;

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little one, even for a month, avoids thereby almost half

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panied by reflex spasm of the spinal muscles due to

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author speaks from the standpoint of one who has had a wide

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been ascribed to infection with nocardia. In the animal cases there was

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19. Radel EG, Schorr JB: Thrombocytopenic purpura with infectious mononu-

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tion, or symptom, which will permit of frequent reference and

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solutions, with the galvanic anode. His experiments demon-

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phuric acid united with organic substances e. g., phenol, indol, etc. to form

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j ^Tce Maiicliart (David) [in 1. s.]. Therapia purpurse,

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When weight loss is unsatisfactory the recommended dosage

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Case v.— Hog No. 105 received intravenously six c.c. of the juice of the

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been connected with general peritonitis, as has been until

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of refining silver : but Mr. Phillips did not succeed in making

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surface of this lobe, in order to reach the anterior

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not urge it, as the case in all respects was very unfavourable, and

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yellow. He applied at one of the dispensaries, and was then suffering from intense

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foreign substances have no primary action on the organism, but elicit

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and the vessel, instead of being cylindrical throughout, acquires the form of a

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and more lasting, and exercised an eliminating action. Phlebotomy,

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in hospital buildings originally constructed for barracks, and almost

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from which it is concluded that the streptococcus keeps

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Herbst, CME Office, St. Louis University School of Medi-

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cerebral arteries. These aneurysms are situated, in order of frequency, in

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thougli after the first forty-eight hours I have usually removed

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fact that another physician is in attendance. The consulting physician

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