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cases and of treating it before clinical signs appear.
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lations of rhesus monkeys. The National Institute of Neurological and
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or on a stool and feel at perfect ease during all treatments
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facial paralysis though there is loss of facial expression. The patients
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character of this obscure condition. The facts which would seem
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The members of the association are cordially invited tlirougli tlu
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considerable amendment as we have seen take place after restoration
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gone a series of inoculations with blastomycetic cultures.
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symptom met with in a great many diseases such for example as typhoid
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other artist of his time. There are some good stories
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isolated facts docs not demonstrate clearly that dentistry
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for at least eight years and has had attacks of mucous colitis
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child she complained to me of her inability to walk with
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ced than that brought about by other known therapeutic measures.
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the canal. His inference from this was that the poison of cholera
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of the juice with a little breast milk. It is good in old
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operation was complete paralysis of the sterno mastoid
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appear in the next hours. Melaena ceases and the frequency
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electricity seems to subside gradually from an organised
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fifth day and doing well. Highest temperature highest
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about between two assistants. At o clock the effects of atropine
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tures or products of the suspected bacillus and their subsequent inoculation
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can more readily proceed without fear of being held re
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ble enemies that we have largely neglected some other
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order of the undersigned. When neither is accessible remit
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same time was that of a girl aged seven years in whom the
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and onlj a small incision was necessary to extract it.
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these periods with the utmost attention. It is true
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writer after an operation for inguinal hernia where a large mass of
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ardor and efBdent work in the Medical Defeaoe Union. Mr.
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metastases among fifty seven primary renal carcino
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into the lachrymal canals. Dr. Leibreich who assisted in Grafe s
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four hours the precipitate has settled and may be read off.
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he had performed appendicostomy some months ago. The