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that they will be able to do the same now. This is especially

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must not forget the importance of the issue. The danger of double

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nection, nephrotomy in cases with marked distention of the

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despaired of. I supposed that this state of things was inevitable, and resigned

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a constant and unremitting run upon the system, in either gestation, parturition, or

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this. I have succeeded in expelling them, whole and in pieces, or in matter. The

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organ by which that secretion is formed, and with what compa-

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only 9 per cent., while among the rich 27 per cent, lived to the age of threescore

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examined the fluctuations of the manometer during the act of vomit-

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especially in those animals which have large plates — ^the torpedo, for

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emission of the semen, without fear of danger : if there be not, the husband will

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Among the civil population, the first undoubted case occurred on

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is not benefited at all by medical treatment, bui through pression

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tion, the people have been constantly engaged in various ways to propagate the dis-

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have an infinite variety in the size of the granulations^ according

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^ A veiy interesting specimen in illastration of this is one that was prepared by

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by himself. He finds that an intense irritation of the skin very

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centuated and sharp and much louder than the aortic second.

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On Amaurosis in connection idith Degeneration of the Optic

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sciousness. Moreover, not only is the spinal cord the centre of

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2. Several persons with proved tendency to lowered glucose

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should be properly cared for and consulted ; since that, in great measure, controls

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ness in the right upper or lower extremity except that immedi-

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and it is grateful after fatigue, especially during great heats,

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calomel and senna were repeated, also the warm bath. Two days

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C Deutsch. Arch. f. Klin. Med.,' II, 4 and 6, p. 520, 1860) * Schmidt's

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Adapted to every age and to every condition of the bodily health, being both/Mi ayid medicine, far

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Woman is designed of God to feed and nourish with her blood the foetus, aud

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quantities not exceeding the -^V^^ ^^ ^ grain ; for, as a rule, the smaller

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4. Du Diagnostic des Maladies du Systeme Nerveux par V Oph-

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tion, disappointed expectation, and domestic difficulties, out of 1806 cases in total ;

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that it is composed of a real cavernous tissue^ whose spaces are

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were restricted, and she was given a carbohydrate diet, on which

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which we call will, is, like other modes of reaction of nerve element

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any other kind of excitement might have developed mental derangement. [For

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