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and liver may be enlarged, which perhaps may be due to malaria.
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1. The best and most valuable collections of Anophelines ever
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' Miinchener medicinische Wochenschrift, April 14, 1908.
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kinds of colorless fluids injected intravenously. However, gum acacia
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tities of bacon, and are generally regarded as being accurate judges of
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treat diseases dependent, associated, with the tractus
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nized the hip disease and put her under treatment in St. Luke*s Hospital and afterward at
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the first question is as to the presence of a calculus, and, luckily,
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Kid^ieys slightly enlarged and pale. No tubercles seen.
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tions concerned in the production of the calculi, exerting upon
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hurriedly slipped around it and tied firmly, as I believed, as a prelimi-
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motions of the limbs, it was necessary that they should give
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stantiate this speculation ; the result was negative.
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only ujjou the additional evidence that may be gained
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post-scarlatinal dropsy. Is it not, however, a doubtful practice?
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years, yet, until Professor Wunderlich of Vienna pub-
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of the period of cerebral excitement. Often coarse tremors are noticed in the
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sexual organs can be traced to a number of sources.
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observes chez des chiennes pleines. Arch, de pliysiol.
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Edwin Williams, L.S.A., LlanMUeth, Newport ; and Frederick Charles
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ous, owing to which cause they were liable to be less zealous in the public
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tion from the blood entering the trachea being sufficient to deter
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There was an open sore about as large as my hand where she had been
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with which school officials responded to the school
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the most sagacious practitioner would refer to the organ affected.
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Case No. 2. — Mr. H., age 50. Had been sick about a week — severe
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Nieny reports a case of branchial fistula occurring in a
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tail spin and could not think clearly or quickly enough to prevent a
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the necessary prophylactic measures, not to preach too
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tenmnadon of the disease are announced by an increase in the amount
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many of the arachnoid haemorrhages ; though they are often impossible
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acteristic of the way many valvular heart cases respond to the test. He was not carried
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duced or aggravated by the slightest exercise ; he referred to
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supply be due to general exhaustion or to relaxation of the heart
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