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X. Y. Z. ; Mr. Gross ; Mr. Berkeley Hill ; Mr. F. Jordan ; H B. ; Mr.

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have been the cases in Avhich infants were spared attacks of" a milder

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renders it in the highest degree probable that there is amyloid disease of

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Rundschau, 1889, 42. Constant, Dengue a Smyrne, Revue med.-pharm. de Con-

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of as vague and indeterminate origin as hysteria itself.

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themselves with a zeal which often imperils health,

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when the degenerative process is not far advanced the balneological and

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bridement. The site of abrasion or laceration should be

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Sometimes they are formed of a thickened epidermic layer

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disadvantage that this dye does not react acid to CO 2 . The degree of acidity of the

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an article by Dr. Andrew Macfarlane appearing in The Popu-

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end of the volume, on Vestigial and Abnormal Structures, has been sup-

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and the bed-linen becomes foetid and soiled with pus, in spite of every care.

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Symptoms. — Nephrolithiasis may be latent. Persons pass renal sand

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and which may, perchance, call the more serious attention of some,

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bundle was a misplaced conductor sonorus (Klangstab). This structure

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with the Foundation, particularly with regard to its standards, and

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diameter of the outlet, the points of counter-resistance would,

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zymes, demonstrable by subjecting coagulable proteid to their action.

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In short, the dominant feature in a cyst of the ascending type is

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the print appear perfectly sharp and distinct, and no

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General Paresis — Insolation— Jaborandi — Lupu-

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toxication, and especially salivation, by the rapid elimination of

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The diagnosis was gonorrhoeal endometritis. Recovery was believed to be

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peripheral blood. Later on the glands enlarge and gland juice shows

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after that it was rapid, and on the 22nd she was well. (L'lmjnir-

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sioners and Inspectors in Lunacy that such be filled up from

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certain amount of carbohydrate in the food. So long as the carbohydrate

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cases especially of tetanus or peritonitis, and he will find the

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the remainder superficial. Two-thirds of the abscess was posterior to the muscle

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Hiich had not previously been suspected. His view is, that in the construction

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this new method, with 71 recoveries, all these cases