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According to M. Demarqnay, this preparation of cubebs presents the follow-
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toms from other dyspnoeas, though, as a rule, when the condition becomes
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surgeon is always proper in early unruptured cases. 6.
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work which he had undertaken, and the consciousness of this
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meeting of the Branch there had 1 a seven death- anion- the Fellows
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reported were all treated with magnesium sulphate, which was found
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have had wide use. Alcohol, digitalin, chloral, veratrum
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and required assiduous and daily care, but the results were extremely good.
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In 1898 Professor Sayre published in the Kansas Medical Journal a
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Generation XXIII. — This was started on May 12th from No. XXII. The
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occupy him but his own dark thoughts. There were tears in his
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ever, no such enlargement of the fungiform papillae occurs. German writers
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tumor in the upper and inner quadrant of the breast ;
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CfTsaroan operation was as low as '2'U per cent. I fail to see how an
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later, in the treatment of erysipelas by injections of serum, how these facts
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Clark and Lubs, was added to the milk before sterilization. The two indi-
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little girl had perceptibly gained flesh, the skin lesion was
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calcifying lipoma, etc., the fatty acid radicals may be replaced by P2O5
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No. 7 — Delirium ehriosorum, without fits. — Treated with stimulants.
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quently replenished during rain by the overflow from
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4. Quinin was gratuitously distributed, but only on the
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coming extremely rigid, and remaining so for an unusual length of
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Among musical instruments, two kinds are most decidedly
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The above can be truly called a muUum inparvoy and for a visiting
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And in order to prevent as much as possible the putrefaction
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lowing story may cheer you a little. Being recently in Man-
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