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returned and found that some one dear to me had become idiotic.

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tst name, because every agent is v>'orthier than its patient.

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If the disease is in an advanced state, shown by the

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wrinkling of the normally smooth retinal surface (Figure 5j

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tendency to pneumonia. The mortality is greater in cities owing to the

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mouth of the uterus at the lower part of the tumor, as well as by the

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Should the patient survive the paralytic symptoms he returns rapidly

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more so ; — and it is said, that a great city prac-

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4. That we should constantly bear in mind and investigate

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tions, and disintegrate them if already formed, by depriving them of

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to apply the current daily until it does. The safest way is to expose the os

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Transactions of the Medical Society of Pennsylvania for 1853.

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iibivh 1 have colleuted on the subject is opposeil tn the idea that Scurrj

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Sneda diffbsa, Watson, Proc. Am. Acad, ix, 88 (1874).

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or acute stage of the disease was one of increasing vio-

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an hour after taking the first portion, and continued freely

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of the blood, but by a direct action on the neuromuscular mechanism

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echo of '' bronchophony," and in pleurisy that line between wind and wa-

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the guardians of the public and the profession, are bound to pursue such a

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inclusion project awards. Blair was commissioned to create a

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linen, well waxed or steeped in a weak solution of carbolic

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should be sent for. He arrived shortly afterwards, and his

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became rather forcibly flexed and stiff, but by a vol-

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heavy; it ran a very definite course, with a period of incubation of from

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already achieved. As in previous editions, the arrange-

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generally present also. The division of the course of the disease into stages, cer-

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mattefr, fanr m6re complete than either of its compeers, and will prove

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Therefore, he says, use the utmost precaution against them ; and,

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terice (Councilman and Lafleur), and to retain the name of amoeba coli (Losch)

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over the concrete. There are no wooden floors in the

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In this country when medical treatment fails, surgeons have

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the rank conferred upon us by authority of the War Depart-

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periments— Investigations of Sanson— Of Poggiale— Of Pavy— Of Barley