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In July last, while engaged in the microscopical examination
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logical process was almost entirely limited to the large intestine.
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The very various appearances and conditions which these sim-
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by the number of lives saved, figure at the low estimate of $5,000 per
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cannot do better than to quote from Kellogg, that the urine of animals when fed on meats
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and various tissues to a number of experiments, all of
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of the British le{)rosy commission, 554; ice supplies, 655; the physi-
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the head of the femur slipped back upon the dorsum ilii, accompanied
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she was sitting up, the incision being closed and pedicle healed, and in
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she recovered in a short time. In 1640 the Countess returned to
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and frequently at an age when the presence of malignant disease may
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