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of transillumination should be applied. The roots may

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died; and the sheep, goats, dogs, cats, &c.>were

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moved the spleen, and concluded that the morphological and numerical

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3. William H. T., set. 1 year, 4 months. Scrofulous diathesis from

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after death. In birds it was sometimes coagulated. Could this be

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the case amenable to treatment by operation. There was also

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etiologic agent of lobar pneumonia : but in spite of

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did not cause, death ; and wliatever other deduction may be drawn

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Placement Service, 160 St. Ronan Street, New Haven, CT 06511 (203) 865-0587 or fax to (203) 865-4997. These

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accessory cortical tissue, or the involvement of sympathetic or spinal nerves.

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the ossicles were very firmly held together, and it was with great difficulty

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' Vide On Inhalations in the Trratmont of Diseases of the Bespirntory >*i ■■ w§m. i^

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severer and fatal cases. — Eeasonable Conjecture of many less severe and

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when the feeling of personal sinfulness, which we are taught to

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dried matter in these pipes containing among other things

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have the courage and consistency to certificate him as a dypso-

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Testation. Drainage-tube removed on the second day.

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Treatment of Infants with Respiratory Distress— Park

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of the State of Alabama, and three practicing physicians of

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Resolved, that the Medical Society of the State of North Caro-

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in later life. The cerebro-spinal foramen is much larger during the first

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unmistakable, is in some cases so feeble that it £eu1s to be transmitted

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intercostal nerves. So that by applying a hot fomentation to the

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the disease. Says the distinguished author just quoted, " I lay

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sufficient inquiry, and they request the said Board to suspend

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tative proof by the lighting up of the fluorescent screen of

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it was held in North Carolina, when a dentist prescribed a

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valescence on the fourth day. Even that endemic dis-

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from permanent buriivl. The time for subscribing, he says,

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tween the humerus or scapula, these adhesions being

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senna. A neighboring practitioner gave the cathartic

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Braxton Hicks' method of bipolar version is recommended by some

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may be sufficient to corrupt the whole mass of blood, and till the

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of typhoid or enteric fever reported to him, and hav-